Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Ketamine infusions are a breakthrough treatment that's been proven to work for depression, Anxiety, chronic pain and other mood disorders. A single infusion can provide immediate relief for up to months at a time.

Dr. Lee

At Wave Pain Specialists, our team of dedicated Anesthesiologists administer IV Ketamine in a comfortable and safe environment. After receiving an IV from one of our physicians, the infusion is started over approximately 60 minutes. Our staff is monitoring and helping throughout the process to deliver safe and effective treatment.

IV Ketamine is delivered at higher and more effective doses than other forms of delivery, like intranasal or oral formulations. That's why relief is often immediate, and can last for weeks to months afterwards.

We realize how difficult it is to live with mental health or chronic pain issues, and we're here to help. Take the next step towards a brighter future today!

Dr. John Lee and Dr. David Lee are both anesthesiologists and pain specialists with over a decade of combined experience using Ketamine to transform patient lives.

Dr John Lee

Dr. John Lee

Dr. John Lee has worked extensively in treating and researching patients with Ketamine. He presided as the Associate Program Director for the Pain Medicine Fellowship Program at the University of Southern California. As the director he developed new procedures and protocols for using Ketamine Infusions to treat pain and other disorders. He has authored multiple articles on alternative treatments for pain including oral ketamine and applying genetics to chronic pain care. He is an ardent believer in enabling his patients and working as a team to regain their quality of life.

Dr David Lee

Dr. David Lee

Dr. David Lee is a dual board certified anesthesiologist and pain management physician. For over a decade, Dr. Lee has used his expertise as an Anesthesiologist to provide Ketamine for procedural sedation. He has also utilized Ketamine Infusion protocols for the management of patients with chronic pain and other disorders. Dr. Lee has seen firsthand the transforming effects of Ketamine on mental health and chronic pain disorders.

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